Local July 28, 2017 | 7:23 pm

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Dominican Republic warns OAS on Venezuela crisis

Venezuela Student Protest (file photo).

Santo Domingo.-  The Dominican Republic affirmed Friday in the Organization of American States (OAS) that any solution proposed  on Venezuela’s situation should already be dealt with by the foreign ministers of its member countries

“This mission agrees that the issue will continue to be addressed at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers’ Consultation, and that it is they who will seek consensus and agreement on the situation facing the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” said Dominican ambassador to the OAS Gedeon Santos.

The head of the Dominican mission in a meeting of the permanent council noted that they decided to pass the matter to the foreign ministers, because “the issue was already sufficiently debated.”

“It is strange that being this same council who passed it to the higher instance now wants to return it to the lower jurisdiction,” the diplomat stressed.

“With what authority could I sit to deal with an issue that’s in the hands of my immediate superior,” Santos said, in reference to Dominican Foreign minister Miguel Vargas. “As far as we know there’s no document in which foreign ministers have delegated the matter to their ambassadors or to the permanent council.”

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