Local March 13, 2020 | 10:55 am

Tyrant’s grandson pocketed US$5.0M+ from contributions: group

Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo

Santo Domingo.- The Fuerza Patria collective on Friday said it will ask electoral prosecutor, Gisela Cueto, to investigate former presidential candidate Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo, for allegedly deviating over US$5 million of US taxpayer money.

In a statement the group said that the former presidential candidate allegedly raised the money in the last three years in US cities through political activities that were carried out for such purposes.

“Ramfis has been conducting dinners, lunches, raffles among other fundraising activities for three years to allegedly finance his presidential candidacy when he always knew that he did not meet even the most basic requirements such as residing in the country when he has resided and resides in Miami,” Indicates the group chaired by Leonardo Jáquez.

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