Health May 10, 2020 | 9:59 am

Dominican Public Health warns that alcoholic beverages do not protect against coronaviruses

SANTO DOMINGO, The Ministry of Public Health warned the population that alcoholic beverages do not have any positive effect against the coronavirus or any other disease. On the contrary, they weaken the body’s defenses to counteract viruses and bacteria.

In that sense, he insisted, in a statement, to avoid the consumption of alcohol for these purposes, mainly clergy and other beverages manufactured without quality and safety controls. Such illegally distilled drinks have killed at least 155 people in the last month.

The Alcohol Cluster entity that coordinates the Mental Health Directorate explained that it continues to work on a “strategy” of prevention, education, and guidance, which seeks to inform people of the harmful effects of alcohol. In particular are the alcoholic beverages clerén, Tafia, Tapa floja, and others.

Consumption of these drinks in recent weeks has increased their demand for various reasons, mainly because people addicted to alcohol have abandoned treatment. But, also due to the mistaken belief that these products “protect” against the coronavirus, Public Health pointed out.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages “will not kill the virus in the inhaled air, nor will it serve to disinfect the mouth or throat, which can be confirmed by organizations such as the World Health Organization,” stressed the ministry.

“The only thing that the consumption of alcoholic beverages destroys is the body’s defenses,” he insisted.

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