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Abinader proposes to cut 50% of budget to parties and donate his salary

"Time to exercise good politics." Last night, President Luis Abinader gave a brief speech to the country.

The head of state spoke to the country last night of the accomplishments of his administration’s first two months and announced that he will donate his salary each month, to a social cause.

Santo Domingo, DR

President Luis Abinader announced last night that he would propose to the National Congress to reduce by 50% the quota received by the political parties.

The president made his statements in a speech to the Dominican people, in which he also informed that he would donate his salary every month to a social cause.

He emphasized that next year is not an election year, so that the parties can wait, but the Dominicans cannot.

“It is the time for good politics, the one that takes care of its people, but also an exemplary one with ethical content,” added Abinader.

He said that the country’s situation demands a heroic effort since the pandemic has put many obstacles ahead, but the nation is overcoming them.

“At the same time, we must change the country’s structures, which demand urgent reform,” added the president, who assured that the Dominican people are resilient and embody the best values of commitment, struggle, and solidarity.

The ruler said that the government had implemented numerous public policies to control the coronavirus, relaunch the economy, and come out stronger and better. It had also launched new plans for education, health, tourism, public-private partnerships, reforms of state structures, and discussing a new budget for 2021.

Savings and Jobs
“All these actions are carried out with thought given to recovering and creating more jobs for the Dominicans. With the money we save with this measure, I will propose to start the UASD project in Santo Domingo East,” he said.

He recalled that in this sense, the government he leads would be the first to set an example and show its commitment and solidarity with the situation our country is going through.

To this end, he further affirmed that “the President of the Republic no longer has representation expenses and it was a decision that was taken from the first moment he stepped on the National Palace.

Second month
Abinader expressed that the sacrifices that the Dominican people are making have to be accompanied by their public representatives, adding that this is the best way to serve the country.

First month
In his first month, the president also said last September 16 was focused on the measures that his government had adopted to address the coronavirus and the plans being implemented to virtually start the school year.

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