Health April 10, 2021 | 9:01 am

Health Minister affirms Covid-19 contagion is in the lowest positivity

Daniel Rivera, Minister of Health. (External source)

LA VEGA. -After lamenting the death of dozens of people due to alcoholic beverages with unknown origins, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, urged the population on Friday not to consume that type of drink, noting that citizens should be careful.

“There is a part of self-care, I cannot have an unknown drink, today I cannot have a drink that is not recognized, and that, unfortunately, led to the death of these people,” he said.

He explained that after making a diagnosis that determined the presence of this toxic substance, he seized the Special Prosecutor for Health to follow up and bring those responsible under control.

He pointed out that the attorney general of the Republic, Mirian Germán, and the deputy attorney general, Yeny Berenice Reynoso, are involved in the investigation.

During a tour with other health officials at the Armida García hospital in this province, the doctor listened to explanations about the center’s needs in terms of infrastructure, area qualification, and technical equipment.

He also recalled that the vaccines that arrived in the country are used for sectors vulnerable to respiratory disease.

Through a press release on his visit to La Vega, the minister affirmed that the contagion of Covid-19 is at the lowest positivity. However, he pointed out that the protocol cannot be neglected to prevent its expansion.

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