Health May 31, 2021 | 2:03 pm

New variants of high contagion fill clinics and hospitals



Santo Domingo, DR

With the four new variants circulating in the national territory, including those from the United Kingdom and Brazil, which are more easily contagious, severe and lethal, the bed capacity to attend to the number of patients remains critical. Yesterday the metropolitan region had an occupancy of 91% of the Intensive Care units, 66% of the beds available for Covid, and 76% of the ventilators in use.

The leading hospitals in Greater Santo Domingo were red, with 100% of beds occupied and minimal availability of up to one bed per facility.

The National Health Service report indicates the centers of the Public Network, highlights in red, without availability for admissions, ICU, or ventilators the hospitals Francisco Moscoso Puello, Marcelino Vélez Santana, and Félix María Goico.

In the Rodolfo de la Cruz Lora and Santo Socorro hospitals, only one bed was available for Covid admission.

While the National Police hospital was also congested, with only four beds available and none for ICU or ventilators, there are no beds at the Centro Cardio-Neuro-Ophthalmologic and Transplant Center (Cecanot) internment; it has two ICU beds but no ventilators.

The Plaza de la Salud had five beds for admissions, three for ICU, and seven ventilators.

Santo Domingo
The Cruz Jiminián Clinic operates at 100% of its capacity for Covid patients; Hospiten had no beds for admissions and only one for ICU.

Cedimat has five out of 14 beds for admissions for an occupancy rate of 64%; there are three ICU beds available, but 100% of the ventilators are in use.

Valesia Region
This region, which includes several provinces such as Peravia and San Cristóbal, where there is a significant resurgence of cases, and the authorities cite that the new strains are circulating, the leading hospitals are operating at 100%, as in San Cristóbal there is the Juan Pablo Pina and the Rafael Mañón. However, the former has nine ICU beds and six ventilators.

In Peravia the main hospital, Nuestra Señora de Regla, has no beds for admissions, no ICU and no ventilators.

Centers in Santiago
In Santiago, the public hospital centers have 134 beds for Covid, of which 41 are in use, for 31%, and the private centers have 163 available out of 309. For ICU, the former has 57% occupied and the last 62%. On the other hand, the clinics have 29 ventilators (52%), and the public centers have 9 (44%).

Clínica Corominas has only one bed available for admission, one for ICU, and three ventilators.

The Clínica Unión Médica has 25 beds available, 33 in use; for ICU it had one and zero ventilators. Homs has 60 regular beds and 12 ICU beds and 11 ventilators.


1,384 infected
The Ministry of Public Health reported no deaths due to coronavirus this Sunday, but 1,384 new cases and an increase in hospitalizations, where the Intensive Care Units are at 71%.

Bulletin #437 highlights that out of 8,734 samples processed in the last 24 hours, 1,384 were positive, placing the daily positivity at 23.33%.

The accumulated number of deaths remains at 3,628 since Saturday, and the number of registered cases has risen to 291,910, of which 47,289 are active cases.

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