Health June 27, 2021 | 8:02 am

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Covid-19 positivity has progressively increased in the last five days

Santo Domingo, DR

From a positivity of 16.52% registered last Monday to 20.58% on Friday, the risk of a person being infected with covid-19 on Dominican soil has increased, according to the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).

The progress of the positivity of the coronavirus has invaded the lives of at least 4,426 people during this week alone, 44% of the cases corresponding to Thursday and Friday.

The lowest infection figure was recorded in bulletin number 460 on June 21, with 723 infections detected, the following day 886, and on Wednesday 882.

Claiming lives

On the other hand, the MSP has reported, through the follow-up reports on the impact of the pandemic on the Dominican population, some 38 deaths, but only 10 of these corresponded to the respective days of publication.

However, since Monday and up to the most recent issuance of these statistics, the case fatality rate has remained unchanged at 1.18%.

Other figures that show little mobility refer to the occupation of Intensive Care Units (ICU) and ventilators available to the health system.

In the ICUs, they currently stand at 63%, but on previous days the demand was between 65% and 69%.

Respiratory equipment oscillated for three days, with 270 in use out of the 524 available.

The data that has started to decrease reveal the availability of regular or in-patient beds on the ward, whose occupancy started the week at 48% and ended Friday at 46%.

New variants

It is recalled that at least four variants of “high epidemiological interest” have been circulating in the country for almost a month, two of which were qualified by the health authorities as “highly serious and easy to transmit.”

These are the mutations: [B.1.1.7 02012 / 01); B.1.351 (501Y.V2); P.1; and B.1.617.

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