Health July 5, 2021 | 2:06 pm

COVID beds, ICU and ventilator use continue to decline; 589 new cases

Facade of the Ministry of Public Health. Today / Arlenis Castillo / 06/20/18.

Bed occupancy for people with COVID-19 continues to decrease. It stands at 37 percent, according to the report of bulletin 473 issued by the General Directorate of Epidemiology (DIGEPI) of the Ministry of Public Health.

Likewise, the health agency reported that 998 people out of 2,694 available beds (COVID-19) are occupied throughout the Hospital Network. Meanwhile, 231 people are connected to ventilators, out of 529, or 44 percent. Meanwhile, in Intensive Care Units, there are 347 patients out of 641 beds available for 54%.

The institution reported no deaths in the last 24 hours; only one death occurred before that period, bringing to 3,857 the number of people who died due to COVID-19. The daily positivity is 17.63 percent, and in the last four weeks, it is 15.77 percent.

The case fatality rate is 1.17 percent, while mortality per million people is 369.14 percent.

Active cases are 55,619 out of a total of 329,531. Recovered cases are 270,055, and those ruled out by the disease are 1,407,122.

Risk groups

In bulletin 473, deaths due to hypertension are 26.29 percent, diabetes, 16.41 percent. Meanwhile, 1,032 pregnant women have been affected by the coronavirus, as well as 1,079 health care workers and 36,142 children under 20 years of age.

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