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Parents differ on vaccine application to five-year-olds

About 25 teenagers over 13 got the second dose yesterday.


Santo Domingo, DR

Doubts about the application of the coronavirus vaccine for children under five years of age remain among parents about the immunization of this tender age group.

Although some agree with the injection at this age, others differ on the measure “because of how young they still are.”

Pablo Santos, a man in the company of three of his daughters, told Listin Diario that he is not convinced of applying the dose against the disease to his five and 6-year-old daughters.

“I’m not sure, I prefer to wait a while longer until after they approve it because they are still very small,” he said sincerely and doubtfully.

Santos was also in the company of his 13-year-old daughter, who took her second dose of the covid vaccine even though she has not yet started classes due to the remodeling of the school where she is enrolled.


After 12:00 noon yesterday, the vaccination center located in the Olympic Center inoculated about 20 minors with the first dose and about 25 with the second dose of the vaccine against the disease, explained Dr. Starling Mariano, in charge of the working day.

From 5 years

The authorities of the Health Cabinet and the Ministry of Public Health are expected to meet tomorrow Monday with the specialized medical societies to discuss the application of vaccines against the coronavirus to children from the age of five due to the beginning of face-to-face classes.

Representatives of the Society of Pneumology, Infectious Diseases, and Pediatrics will participate in the meeting to discuss the evidence. Finally, an attempt will be made to reach a consensus on the country’s decision.

Health Minister Daniel Rivera stressed the importance of the educational community, including teachers and parents, applying the third dose of the vaccine against the virus to generate a more significant amount of antibodies.

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La Trinitaria 2.0
October 4, 2021 10:33 am

Forcing it upon the kids is abuse!