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Katherine Motyka to young people: “Work hard to improve yourself”

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Katherine Motyka founded one of the social organizations that have most helped the population in need at the age of 25: Jompéame, the non-profit foundation that earned her the highest award at the National Youth Award on January 31. “It was a surprise but also an honor for me,” the young woman stated, explaining that the idea for a donation platform in the country began seven years ago while she was studying at the Singularity University in Santa Clara, California, in the United States.

However, the industrial engineering graduate from the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (Intec) and expert in global entrepreneurship after completing a master’s degree at the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) in Spain, stated that she had a disinterested attitude toward others from an early age, which motivated her to participate as a volunteer in population-related actions. “There is no point in doing bad things, there is no easy path, but the way back is to work hard,” the altruistic young woman said, emphasizing that great things can be accomplished by following the right path.

She stated that the work done by Jompéame with a team of six people demonstrated that the country has many good people, even though the bad make more noise.


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