Local December 3, 2023 | 10:00 am

GSD residents affected by rain on November 18 feel forgotten by authorities

Calle 6 in Arrollo Bonito, Manoguayabo continues to be flooded.

Santo Domingo—Many inhabitants of the sectors of Arroyo Bonito, Herrera, La Perla Antillana, kilometer 12 of Haina, Manoguayabo, and El Tamarindo are waiting for the authorities to come to their aid after the torrential downpours which occurred in the country on November 18.

The residents told reporters of Listin Diario that some officials have only passed by to leave many promises along with a “little bag of food.”

On 6th street of Arroyo Bonito, in Manoguayabo, a man who asked not to be identified said: “We are all victims, survivors, almost drowned.”

And he added: “And are there any authorities here because none have arrived here?” the man continued without giving his name.

At the time of speaking to the press, the man was repairing his car affected by the rains of that tragic Saturday, which registered accumulations of more than 400 milliliters of water, left at least 30 dead, and left innumerable infrastructure damages.

Mud, puddles of water with worms, and dirt that have had to be removed from the curbs are the first images that can be seen upon arriving at this impassable road.

The community members have unified in this difficulty in picking up the mess.

One of them, Edward Sánchez, expressed: “We are looking for a crane to drain the street a little; we had to pay for the garbage to be thrown away; now we are going to look for them to throw away the mud.”

Official solidarity has not reached the sector.
Sanchez also said: “Only on Sunday and Monday, after the tragedy, they only gave a small bag of food.”

The residents say they are still removing the mattresses and washing clothes, and nobody remembers or shows solidarity from the government.

“So many councilors, mayors, deputies and aspirants to repeat those positions that exist avoid talking about the issue, it is really painful to live in a reality like this,” concluded another resident who did not want to give his name.

Residents of this zone are assured that they continue to receive no help from the authorities. They say they have had to clean hard to recover the little they have.

Some businesses have been closed on Isabel Aguiar, kilometer 12 of Haina, because of the work that the Ministry of Public Works continues to carry out on the sidewalks and curbs.

They say that Public Works has been there for more than two weeks; however, they do not see progress.

“That’s just dirt; they put a bit of cement, and now the water is taking it away,” complained Antony Peña, one of those affected in the area.

Peña worked as a motoconchista and said that the Association of Coffee Motorists of Herrera (Asomoca) is ready to go on strike if they do not finish this work since it is also difficult for them to carry out their work.

The Perla Antillana sector, near El Tamarindo, has not been visited by any leader. Only a representative of Jompéame has passed by to help Mrs. Argentina González and her daughter Ana Gabriela González, after having read their story published by the Listín Diario.

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