Local February 8, 2024 | 3:12 pm

FEDDA challenges stigma against Pit Bulls through awareness campaign

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Federation for Animal Rights (FEDDA) has initiated a social media campaign aimed at addressing and challenging the social stigma surrounding the pit bull dog breed in the country.

Recent incidents of pit bull attacks, including one on a nine-year-old boy, have prompted concerns and negative perceptions about this breed. FEDDA asserts that the key factor in any animal attack lies more in the upbringing and environment than the specific breed.

Under the campaign theme, “The problem is not the breed, it is the breeding,” FEDDA has released videos illustrating that pit bulls can be friendly creatures when raised and educated properly.

FEDDA emphasizes that poor upbringing or lack of education can turn any noble creature, including humans, into aggressive individuals. The organization expresses surprise at media outlets publishing negative information about the pit bull breed and conducting surveys on whether to ban the species in the country.

Highlighting the illegal use of pit bulls in fights, despite being prohibited by Law 248-12 on Animal Protection and Responsible Ownership, FEDDA condemns the cruel acts associated with dogfighting. Clandestine breeders often promote the sale and fights of these breeds, using street dogs as bait.

FEDDA condemns practices such as ear cropping and tail docking to make pit bulls more aggressive, emphasizing the harm caused by such mutilation. Some owners acquire pit bulls as “guardians” and attempt to make them aggressive, contrary to the nature of these animals.

FEDDA acknowledges the responsibility of owners to isolate and muzzle aggressive animals, regardless of the breed. The organization stresses that blaming the animal rather than the irresponsible owner when violent incidents occur is unjust.

While acknowledging that the public perception of pit bulls may not always be positive, FEDDA insists that these dogs are friendly when properly raised and educated. The organization advocates for the protection and education of both humans and animals, urging the enforcement of Animal Protection Law 248-12 to punish those who mistreat animals rather than promoting fear towards a particular breed.

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February 8, 2024 6:49 pm

it’s to much “flava” mentality from the land of opportunity infiltrating our culture and communities …

We’re still poising dogs and torturing animals…

February 8, 2024 8:52 pm


February 9, 2024 12:28 pm

Bad idea to bring pit bulls to your country. They are killing a person every 10 days in USA and mauling many that don’t die. Kill livestock and other pets at alarming rate. Ban them. Do your country a favor.