North Coast May 2, 2020 | 4:18 pm

New Puerto Plata Mayor Roquelito García loudly protests expenditures of former PLD predecessor

PUERTO PLATA.- In a total disaster, the municipal mayor's office of this city was handed over by the last administration of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), due to the existence of debts amounting to more than RD $ 110 million. Mayor Roquelito García ,, during a meeting at the Town Hall. Today / External Source 05/01/20

The mayor of Puerto Plata, Roquelito García, of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), described as “a total disaster” what the past administration of the Dominican Liberation Party left since there are debts of more than 110 million pesos.
García expressed that he found the surprising situation after inspecting the different departments, after taking office.

“It was an empty box that we found in this town hall. There is no money to buy a broom,” said Roquelito García.
The new mayor explained that his predecessor, in the last three days of his administration, issued dozens of checks that exceed 20 million pesos, which include the cancellations of his five main collaborators, which caused an overdraft and a lack of liquidity for the daily actions of the council.

He highlighted that of Municipal Expenses and Services, Personnel Expenses, Special Account, Investment Account in addition to Gender & Health, the overdraft is 4,473,471 pesos and that more than 547,000 pesos in outstanding mobile phones charges. Another debt he mentioned is that of the Social Security Treasury (TSS), which he said is RD $ 2,440,717, among others that the council incurred.

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