North Coast September 14, 2020 | 11:02 am

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Amber Highway a ‘tourism upswing’ for North Coast

Santo Domingo.- Administrative Minister José Ignacio Paliza, affirmed Sun. that the construction of the Amber Highway would represent a “tourism upswing” for the Cibao region, especially in his native Puerto Plata.

The official said the work will make the Cibao a more competitive vacation destination, noting that its coasts and beaches that have been preserved for the good of the Dominican economy.

Paliza labeled the work as a great meeting point for the North region and the entire country. “We are going to cut the distance to be able to generate dynamics never before known between both destinations.”

The 35-kilometer ‘Autopista del Ámbar’ will link the Atlantic coast and the rest of the Cibao, and will cover the Santiago-to-Puerto Plata route in just 30 minutes.

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