North Coast July 6, 2024 | 11:26 am

Puerto Plata is no longer one of cleanest in country: it is full of garbage.

Puerto Plata – The accumulation of garbage is choking different sectors in this tourist municipality of the Bride of the Atlantic.

The once-cleanliness that characterized the streets, avenues, widenings, urbanizations, and central sectors has disappeared like “magic” from the sight of visitors, nationals, foreigners, and natives after the cleaning department fell into the hands of the current municipal administration led by Mayor Diomedes Roque García (Roquelito).

In previous administrations, this city was considered one of the cleanest in the country, a condition maintained by the first four of the reelected trustees García.

From the coast of the cleaning department, it is proclaimed “loudly” that the vehicle fleet used for cleaning this community faces mechanical problems and expiration since its use time is exhausted, turning this equipment into a “cemetery of scrap metal.”

Mayor García has asked for patience from the population because although garbage accumulates, it is no less certain that “we are working to ensure that our city continues to be one of the cleanest in the country.”

Representatives of civil society, merchants, tourist guides, cab drivers, religious leaders, tour operators, and community and social leaders said that garbage that accumulates in various sectors must be removed from the “open sky” landfill in the community of Maggiolo.

They noted that “we cannot afford the luxury that the first impression of visitors arriving at the cruise ports operating in Puerto Plata is the large accumulation of garbage that adorns the streets of this destination like a Christmas tree.”

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July 8, 2024 10:15 pm

Trash is a recurrent problem in DR. There is not one single city that don’t have a trash problem. Puerto Plata might keeps its downtown cleaned, but the outer neighborhoods always have trash problems just like every where else In the country; One do better than Others .