Opinion May 11, 2024 | 9:59 am

Rains-damage crops in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo – Before, it was a prolonged drought; now, heavy downpours fill rivers, streams, and dams, flooding farms and homes, destroying bridges and roads, and sometimes claiming human and animal lives. With these phenomena, those who lose the most in the country are the agricultural producers, who generally have efficient insurance; although the government covers 50% of the policy, many cannot afford it.

It happens that the production of small farmers is not enough to pay for insurance and few of the medium-sized ones. Local agriculture is fragile because the country is in a cyclonic route. Thanks to the fact that the governments of the last years have understood this fragility and have always helped the producers, regardless of party colors. President Luis Abinader usually goes to disaster areas to help agricultural producers and people affected by atmospheric phenomena. These rains have already caused a lot of damage.

Cocoa growers urged
Cocoa producers must try to improve the plantations damaged by severe droughts.

Now that it is raining, your plants are greening and becoming beautiful; help them by removing the aphids and adding fertilizer. It can be chicken manure. Give them a little spraying with some insecticide and foliar fertilizer.

This will improve your cocoa harvest, which you have never seen before. For that, you should seek the advice of an agronomist. For those who do not know how to handle fertilizers and those who do know how to do it, start now.

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