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Fundación AES Dominicana and Asciación Dominicana de Rehabilitación cut ribbon on modern center

Edwin De los Santos, right, Mary Pérez de Marranzini, second from right.

Press Release

Santo Domingo Este.- The AES Dominicana Foundation and the Dominican Rehabilitation Association (ADR) inaugurate a modern community center in the Los Mina sector, a work conceived within the Corporate Social Responsibility program, derived from the conversion to Combined Cycle of the Dominican Power Partners (DPP) of AES Dominicana.

During the opening ceremony chaired by Edwin De los Santos, president of the AES Dominicana Foundation and Mrs. Mary Pérez de Marranzini, who chairs the National Board of ADR, highlighted the many benefits of this important work that has a universal and inclusive design to meet the latent simultaneous needs of the community of Los Mina and vicinity.

Edwin De los Santos, president of Fundación AES Dominicana and AES Dominicana highlighted that this project is within the objectives of the AES Dominicana Foundation to support key areas for the development of our communities such as health, education, culture, environment and sustainable development, “which fills us with great satisfaction and pride for all our collaborators as we feel part of a company that contributes to improving the quality of life of Dominicans.”

“When we began to conceive this center, in 2014 our initial idea was to satisfy an obvious need in Los Mina: to create a space for the meeting of the neighbors, the healthy leisure and the activities of the community. As the plan took shape, it evolved into an even more inclusive project, until it became a center where people with disabilities and neighbors who require some rehabilitation treatment will find a response for their needs, without abandoning the initial purpose,” De los Santos said in his keynote speech.

The executive said that this is how the Center that opens today includes facilities for recreational and sports activities; a multipurpose room for meetings, conferences, cultural presentations and artistic exhibits; a parking area, with reserved parking for people with disabilities and pregnant women and bathrooms that include facilities for people with different skills or in the process of rehabilitation.

“As a collateral benefit, it will allow the Dominican Rehabilitation Association, which will be in charge of managing the Center, to transfer the services of its former facilities in Santo Domingo Este to this modern infrastructure, and, in passing, reach a much wider audience,” said the executive of the energy group.

For Mrs. Pérez, the Alliance with Fundación AES-DPP, ensures the continuity, of the process of integral attention in Santo Domingo Este, from an early age and throughout the life of the person with attended disability, also offering the means that allow greater functional, educational and work autonomy.”

“We value this initiative of the AES Dominicana Foundation in a visionary and inclusive way, which consolidates and extends the scope of social commitment with the community, making possible the integral attention of people with disabilities, in modern and accessible facilities; that since its conception offers a universal and avant-garde design, this being a significant step forward,” she said.

“This coordinated effort between the two entities contributes to improving functional repertoires, skills and abilities from early childhood, thus creating greater opportunities for social, educational, productive and labor inclusion,” said the president of Rehabilitation.

She stressed that through the ADR-DPP center, a team of professionals, technicians and support personnel will be integrated, generating at least 15 new jobs for residents of the area during the first year of operations. ”

Community Center

Built in an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters, this is a friendly center with environment friendly people, because among its benefits are high ceilings, equipped with solar panels, and large windows, which facilitate sunlight penetration and air circulation, to promote the saving of electricity and the use of renewable energy.

The ​​children’s recreation area, the walking paths and outdoor exercises, have been conceived to connect us in a special way with the benefits of nature, even in a densely populated community, such as Los Mina.

Dominicana Foundation

Since 2007, the AES Dominicana Foundation is the entity of Corporate Social Responsibility of the AES Dominicana group; of the companies AES Andrés, Dominican Power Partner and the Electricity Generating Company ITABO S.A.

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