Tourism June 26, 2023 | 3:00 pm

Bahia Principe: Samaná and La Romana, destinations with the highest demand for summer

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Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts has reported that its lodging establishments in Spain are currently experiencing an average occupancy rate of 91%, while worldwide, the average occupancy stands at 81%. This surge in demand over the past few months has resulted in an 8% increase in sales compared to last year for the Spanish market and a 6% increase for the global market within the hotel division of Grupo Piñero.

Tenerife is identified as the most in-demand destination in Spain, while the Dominican Republic takes the top spot globally. Specifically, the regions of Samaná and La Romana in the Dominican Republic have shown the most significant growth compared to 2022, attributed to the increased number of Soltour flights.

Lluisa Salord, the corporate commercial director of Grupo Piñero, believes that these figures reflect the positive state of Spanish tourism and the consistent demand from both domestic and international travelers, despite the context of inflation.

The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and France have shown the highest growth as source markets for Spain, with the UK being the leading exporter of tourists. On a global scale, the United States, Europe, and Canada are the standout markets contributing to the growth.

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