Tourism August 8, 2023 | 3:42 pm

Cap Cana and ENSO will expand the solar panel park in the Destination City

Punta Cana, DR.- The City of Destination Cap Cana, in collaboration with the company ENSO from Grupo Martín, has solidified an agreement to expand the solar panel park of the Corporación Energética Turística Juanillo, SA (CENETUR). This energy initiative aligns with Cap Cana’s sustainability strategy and the country’s carbon footprint goals for 2030, as established in partnership with international organizations.

With an investment exceeding $2.75 million, this second phase of the photovoltaic project will yield a 3.0 MW capacity, in addition to the 1.5 MW installed by ENSO in 2021. In just 24 months, a total of 4.5 MW will be installed, driven by the increasing demand in real estate tourism within the destination city.

Cap Cana’s commitment to producing clean energy and protecting the environment is further underscored by this expansion. It prepares to cater to the anticipated medium and long-term growth in residential and hotel rooms. The photovoltaic solar energy generated will integrate into the CENETUR system for distribution. ENSO plans to incorporate 5,200 580W photovoltaic modules, achieving a peak power of 3,051 MWp DC. This energy will be added to the grid through 26 100.0 kW inverters, reaching a maximum power of 2.6 MW AC.

Jorge Subero Medina, the executive president of Cap Cana, stated that this renewed alliance signifies the robust partnership between the entities and reinforces their shared commitment to benefit the Cap Cana community. He emphasized Cap Cana’s mission to set an example for sustainability in its role as a growing city.

Roberto Borda Villanueva, general manager of ENSO, expressed their unwavering support for CENETUR’s endeavor to integrate renewable energies. He recognized the significance of this transition for Cap Cana and the nation at large, conveying pride in accompanying them on this journey.

This expansion is expected to result in substantial yearly savings in carbon dioxide emissions. The collaborative efforts of these entities emphasize sustainable energy solutions and the continued growth of Cap Cana as a model destination.

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