Health August 27, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Benefits of digitalization highlighted for medical tourism in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s healthcare sector has been working “hard” on digitalization; since the pandemic, efforts have increased.

The significant changes impacting the global healthcare system have led its main actors to adopt more modern, interconnected, and patient-centered digital systems.

Therefore, Fedor Vidal, CEO of Arium Salud Digital, maintains that one of the objectives of the digitalization of healthcare is artificial intelligence, which has produced excellent results.

He indicated that “about health tourism, we see great benefits regarding the identification of procedures and services in which the country could be a leader in the region; the comparative analysis of attention costs and quality indexes compared with other countries.”

He stressed that this is only possible with digitalizing clinical processes and adherence to international clinical coding protocols.

“Another benefit of artificial intelligence being used in the health tourism sector is the identification of potential patients within the general population of tourists through population profiles and aggregated data,” he explained.

Axes of impact
The healthcare industry has been positively marked in four axes thanks to digital transformation, which are: Exponential increase in the efficiency of administrative processes, access to quality healthcare to more people, more quickly and more safely, democratization of information for all actors in the sector and the interconnection of actors in a synergistic way through fluid electronic processes allowing the flow of information between them in an expeditious manner.

Vidal said that one of the main steps to be taken is to educate oneself on the subject of hospital digital transformation through congresses and seminars that are held annually, such as the International Congress on Health and Wellness Tourism.

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Paul Tierney
August 28, 2023 12:38 pm

The authors of this article cannot get down to basics so the public can understand what they are communicating. There is a need to get away from the jargon, the puzzling context, keep it simple. The digitalization context of the article is the use of computers and the internet to communicate.