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President inaugurates Cabeza de Toro tourist and fishing dock, a nursing home and a CTC

Punta Cana.- On Wednesday, President Luis Abinader conducted a series of inaugurations in the province of La Altagracia, showcasing the government’s dedication to various sectors. First, the President, alongside Jean Luis Rodríguez, the Executive Director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), opened the Cabeza de Toro Tourist and Fishing Dock.

This facility is expected to benefit approximately 30,000 registered fishermen nationwide and enhance the living conditions of the local community.

Following that, President Abinader, in collaboration with José García Ramírez, the Executive Director of the National Council for the Aging (CONAPE), unveiled a modern reception center for the elderly in San Rafael de Yuma.

This move is part of a broader plan to make the community more elderly-friendly, ensuring seniors can age with dignity and autonomy. The facility boasts modern amenities, bedrooms, and spaces for workshops and training courses.

Additionally, the President inaugurated a Community Technology Center (CTC) in San Rafael del Yuma, representing an investment of over RD$20 million pesos. The CTC aims to offer training in digital marketing, cybersecurity, cell phone repair, programming, internet skills, and computer assembly and repair, among other skills. This initiative will benefit more than 4,500 young people, equipping them with valuable skills for their future.

The President also participated in other significant events, including the inauguration of the Eastern Industrial Park, the opening of a new branch of Almacenes Unidos in Punta Cana, and the 46th Meeting of the Technical Commission (RCT) of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Cinterfor.

During the latter, President Abinader emphasized the country’s low unemployment rate, noting that 34% of the new jobs created last year were given to young people starting their careers.

These initiatives and projects reflect the government’s dedication to improving the lives of citizens, promoting economic development, and providing educational and employment opportunities across various sectors in the Dominican Republic.

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October 5, 2023 12:44 pm

Many,if not most of these press releases from the Dept of Information challenge the boundaries of credibility and this is no exception. la Playa de la Cabeza de Toro is a beach that has many parts closed to all except Hotel Guests , a bone of contention in itself. So this dock is mainly for tourists and it is beyond my imagination how it can benefit 30,000 registered fisherman in the DR . I would put the figure at 300.
Again San Raphael del Yuma is a sleepy little town between Higuey and Boca de Yuma and the Technology centre is a follow on from other similar centres in towns , for example , Guaymate. The college does not have space at present for 450 students and certainly not 4500.
Any centre for the Aged is welcome and this announcement is free from exaggeration .
It would be far better, in my opinion, if these announcements were much closer to the truth rather than exaggerations and half truths.

October 5, 2023 6:13 pm
Reply to  Richard

we don’t want truth ,we want lies ???? …it’s easier that way …

larry ross
October 5, 2023 8:39 pm
Reply to  Richard

Richard, you hit the nail on the head. I live near Benerito now and visit Yuma and Boca de Yuma frequently. I started visiting DR 30 years ago and still know a few people in Cabeza de Toro. Sadly, the hotels took over that public area years ago. A lot of politics going on here and not to the benefit of the locals.