Tourism November 15, 2023 | 3:57 pm

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Minister Collado delivers works in Samaná with investment that exceeds RD$131 million

Samaná .- Tourism Minister David Collado has inaugurated several infrastructure projects in Samaná, with a total investment exceeding 131 million pesos. These projects encompass various areas within the municipality of Las Terrenas, including Abra Grande, La Playa, El Centro, and Pueblo de los Pescadores. Additionally, work has been done on roads in Loma Francoise, Hispaniola, and Cosón Viejo.

Among the projects, there is a focus on Las Galeras, where the main Jimi Hendrix road has been improved, and a Wastewater Collection Line has been constructed on the main street of this Municipal District at a cost of over RD$73 million.

These investments aim to enhance the infrastructure and tourism appeal of the Samaná region, contributing to its development and attractiveness as a tourist destination.

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