Tourism June 3, 2024 | 8:12 am

Adompretur to host health tourism panel at ExpoTurismo 2024

Santo Domingo.- In a collaborative effort between the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (Adompretur), the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), the Northern Medical Union, and the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR), a panel titled “Discovering the Potential: Health Tourism in Santiago and Its Global Impact” will be held.

This event, part of the 27th edition of ExpoTurismo 2024, is scheduled for Saturday, June 8, at 3:30 pm, and will be one of the highlights of the three-day fair. The Hodelpa Gran Almirante Convention Center in Santiago de los Caballeros will host this panel, featuring notable speakers such as Amelia Reyes Mora, vice president of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS). Mora is a recognized expert in strategic communication within the health, medical tourism, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Joining her will be Dr. Julián Sued, president of the Board of Directors of the Northern Medical Union, who will provide insights into the development of health tourism in Santiago. The panel will be moderated by health journalist and Adompretur member Elizabet Gutiérrez.

Yenny Polanco Lovera, president of Adompretur, emphasized the significance of this panel. She noted that the discussion would focus on the initiatives in Santiago de los Caballeros that have led to a bill proposing its designation as the “Province of Health Tourism.” Polanco Lovera highlighted the goal of establishing Santiago as the epicenter of health tourism in the Dominican Republic, citing figures from the VI Congress of Health and Wellness Tourism which reported that over 260,000 patients were treated in the area in 2023.

Polanco Lovera also pointed out Santiago’s role as a hub for private health investments, making it a benchmark for innovative medical procedures performed by highly qualified professionals. Santiago boasts the highest investment in private health infrastructure in the country over the past decade.

She urged Adompretur members to attend this important panel and stressed the importance of understanding health tourism, which positions the Dominican Republic as a leading destination in the Caribbean and Central America.

Polanco Lovera concluded by expressing her gratitude to Ramón Paulino and Yomaris Gómez, president and director of ExpoTurismo, respectively, for consistently including Adompretur in the agenda of this prominent event in Santiago de los Caballeros.

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