Tourism June 17, 2024 | 8:16 am

Dominican Republic and Jamaica sign memorandum to strengthen port systems

Santo Domingo.- The director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), Jean Luis Rodríguez, and his Jamaican counterpart, Gordon Shirley, President and CEO of the Jamaica Ports Authority, have signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance the port systems of both nations.

Jean Luis Rodríguez emphasized that this agreement marks a significant milestone in port development for both countries, creating opportunities to adopt best practices, implement training programs, and improve health, safety, efficiency, and quality in maritime operations. Additionally, it aims to foster collaborative projects between the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Gordon Shirley expressed his enthusiasm for the memorandum, highlighting its importance in strengthening maritime connections between the two nations.

The agreement outlines commitments for both entities to freely exchange information, within the bounds of applicable laws, related to the cargo and cruise industries at each port. This includes sharing historical statistical data, projected port infrastructure developments, and general market research to boost cruise and cargo traffic.

Both parties will also focus on internal processes related to Health, Safety, Efficiency, and Quality (HSEQ) in maritime operations. They will explore the possibility of creating joint itinerary packages with other ports or destinations to offer to cruise lines.

The pact includes provisions for establishing technical and financial collaborations through joint ventures or other commercial agreements to promote port traffic and related activities. It also covers the exploration of port services such as towing, piloting, mooring, and security inspection.

The agreement calls for the formation of technical working groups to facilitate educational visits and promote goodwill. These groups will work together to enhance the business relationship and promote the advantages of their maritime ports. They will also participate jointly in key conventions and events to build cooperative relationships and develop productive bilateral alliances.

Furthermore, both authorities will explore additional areas of cooperation and partnership as part of the international pact. They will share information, with prior authorization and commitment from affected third parties, regarding improvements or modernizations aimed at addressing increasing demand or enhancing customer services.

In line with this agreement, both parties will share details about training programs and develop joint training seminars and exchange activities.

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