Tourism July 5, 2024 | 8:32 am

Punta Cana: top destination for Colombians in Travel Sale 2024

Colombia.- In the recent Travel Sale 2024 organized by the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE), Punta Cana emerged prominently as one of the top international destinations favored by travelers. The event, spanning eight days of discounts and promotions, attracted over a million Colombians who took advantage of unbeatable prices on tourist packages, flights, and accommodations. reported a notable 65% increase in purchases for international travel during the sale, with Punta Cana standing out alongside Rome due to its allure and appeal. This surge in interest underscored Punta Cana’s popularity among Colombian travelers seeking exciting travel opportunities.

Overall, the Travel Sale 2024 highlighted Punta Cana’s significant role in international travel preferences, reflecting its enduring appeal as a top destination in the Dominican Republic.

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