Tourism July 9, 2024 | 1:15 pm

Mitur focuses on enhancing security measures in tourist centers

Santo Domingo.- The Director General of the National Police, Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta, convened a strategic meeting with Minister of Tourism David Collado to bolster security measures across the Dominican Republic’s main tourist centers.

Joined by General Minouru Matsunaga, Director of the Central Police of Tourism (Politur), the meeting focused on reviewing current security strategies and assessing their impact. Discussions also centered on developing new initiatives to further enhance visitor safety and peace of mind.

Held at the Marca País Foundation, the meeting yielded decisions to increase police presence in identified priority areas and enhance inter-agency information sharing, including with the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Collado, Guzmán Peralta, and Matsunaga reaffirmed their collective commitment to preserving the Dominican Republic as a secure and dependable tourist destination. They emphasized the crucial role of collaboration between institutions in achieving these objectives, underscoring security as a fundamental priority for the sustainability and growth of the tourism sector.

Minister Collado emphasized, “The reinforcement of security in tourist centers is a responsibility and a decision of the Tourism Cabinet led by President Luis Abinader. While neighboring countries are grappling with deteriorating security, the Dominican Republic is reinforcing its security measures, boasting the lowest incidence and crime rates in the region.”

Guzmán Peralta echoed this sentiment, stating, “Under the directives of President Luis Abinader, we are reviewing all aspects of citizen security in tourist centers nationwide to uphold and strengthen the high security standards we have achieved so far.”

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