North Coast July 10, 2024 | 7:12 pm

Tourism Ministry begins reconstruction of streets in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, DR.- Tourism Minister David Collado on Wednesday launched the reconstruction of the streets in the historic center of the San Felipe de Puerto Plata municipality with an investment of close to 80 million pesos.

The project consists of the reconstruction of the streets, sidewalks and curbs of the town’s urban center, directly impacting local residents and tourists, mainly cruise passengers who disembark at the Amber Cove and Taino Bay tourist ports.

Collado highlighted the investments and works delivered during his administration to strengthen the tourist destination and those in the pipeline, such as the rehabilitation of Sosúa beach and the remodeling of the iconic Puerto Plata cable car.

“These interventions will mark a before and after in this entire historic center. The time of Puerto Plata has definitely arrived,” said the Minister of Tourism.

This road project in San Felipe was carried out by the Executive Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR) at a total cost of RD$79.855.074.95.

The sections to be intervened correspond to the avenues Juan Escaño (Old Railway Line); extension of Restauración Street (connection between Juancho Escaño Avenue and Caamaño Street).

It also includes Antera Mota, Luis Espinosa, 30 de Marzo, Los Jazmines San Felipe and Aserradero streets. In addition, 27 de Febrero Avenue, El Morro and Cardenal Sancha streets will be intervened.

Juan Escaño Avenue (Old Railway Line) will be intervened in a 751-meter extension and 27 de Febrero in an 834-meter section. Meanwhile, El Morro Street will be renovated in a 1,020-meter section and Cardenal Sancha 934 meters long.

The project includes the reconstruction of 9,318 linear meters of curb and 17,256 square meters of sidewalk, including the readjustment of the pavement of three road axes by applying a new 2″ asphalt concrete layer on the road.

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dr Marinus Henricus Kruissen
July 12, 2024 11:00 am

Y quando van a limpiar las calles en todo el pais de años de basura? Sr. Collado, eso va resolver kas problemas de turismo, las turistas no regresan porque el sucio en todos lados, todas las calles. Pobresa no da vergüenza, falta de limpieza si!