Tourism July 10, 2024 | 2:38 pm

WTJO announces global network for emerging travel destinations

Santo Domingo.- The World Travel Journalists Organization (WTJO) has announced the creation of the Global Network of Emerging Destinations, an initiative aimed at promoting collaboration, sustainable development and visibility for lesser-known tourist destinations.

This new initiative emerges after nearly thirteen years of journalistic work, primarily in Latin America, often at the request of the inhabitants and governments of these places.

Benefits of joining the global network 

Destinations that receive the Emerging Destination distinction from the WTJO will enjoy a series of significant benefits, including:

  • Emerging Destination Distinction: Recognition that highlights their tourism potential.
  • Media Support: Visibility of their attractions, products, and services through the WTJO’s member media.
  • Global Marketing: Participation in global marketing campaigns.
  • Free Training: Training for journalists, entrepreneurs and locals to improve their communication skills.
  • Enhanced Visitor Experience: Guidance on how to optimize the tourist experience.
  • International Relations: Establishment of links with other emerging destinations and industry players.
  • Participation in International Events: Opportunities to share experiences and strategies in global forums.

Commitments of emerging destinations

To be part of this network, destinations must commit to:

  • Sustainable International Visibility: Promote the destination globally without neglecting sustainability.
  • Quality and Accessibility: Always strive for quality through accessibility, safety, and community participation.
  • Continuous Learning: Be willing to continue learning to promote responsible tourism practices and professional global communication.
  • Innovation and Genuine Projects: Implement authentic and innovative projects.
  • Preservation of Identity: Do not compromise their own identity and favor teamwork.
  • Open Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication within the Network.

Requirements to join the network

Destinations interested in joining the Global Network of Emerging Destinations must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Participation in the WTJO International Agenda: Tourism journalists must have had the opportunity to get to know the area.
  • Commitment Agreement: Sign an agreement with as many representatives of the destination as possible.
  • Local Intermediary: Have at least one member of a local NGO act as a liaison between the Network and the destination, committing to the long-term development of the destination.
  • Email to request their incorporation.

For the future of tourism

The creation of the Global Network of Emerging Destinations marks a milestone in sustainable tourism, offering a platform for emerging destinations to achieve greater visibility and development. With this project, the WTJO reaffirms its commitment to responsible tourism and international collaboration, promoting destinations that stand out for their authenticity and growth potential.

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