Business & Pleasure June 26, 2018 | 3:26 pm

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Turismox3 radio show promises lively tourism news

Santo Domingo.- Conceived as an interactive space to keep abreast of the dynamics of local tourism, the “Turismox3” radio program will be launched on Wednesday, a varied news magazine broadcast live starting 8pm on the digital UnikRadio station and social networks.

Produced and conducted by journalists Karina López, Mayra De Peña and Osvaldo Soriano, Turismox3 will delve into a variety of topics in an agile and entertaining manner, using Web radio and social networks as a platform, “taking advantage of the opportunities of these means for greater coverage and large national and international audience.”

“The content of Turismox3 transcends travel journalism, as the theme will revolve around tourism communication, with information, interviews and analysis of the topics covered by the Dominican tourism agenda, also pondering aspects of international relevance,”the hosts said.

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