Economy June 5, 2017 | 7:16 pm

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Tougher rules for new gas stations aim to reduce risks

Old Model A, New rules

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry on Monday issued changes on the requirements to install new gas stations to reduce the risks inherent in that type of activity.

Resolution No. 0014 \ 2017 says to apply for such a business starts with filing of the form at the Environmental Authorization Services – One-stop window – which must include a Certification from Internal Taxes (DGII ), assuring that the applicant owes no taxes.

Moreover a copy of the National Taxpayer Registry (RNC), if it’s a company; an authorization for the Beginning of Procedures to Obtain Permits, granted by an Industry and Commerce Minister resolution; and the list of requirements established in the Terms of Reference provided by the Ministry and a certified check for RD$5,000 in the name of the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry.

The environmental compliance reports will be submitted every two years, while the projects will also be constantly monitored to determine compliance with the authorization. Projects must also include a Contingency Subprogram for emergency response.

In a statement, Environment added that this new regulation seeks the use of mechanisms, instruments and policies to avert damages to the environment and human health, since its basic function is to prevent and anticipate damage.

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