Economy April 23, 2018 | 4:52 pm

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We can supply the required shirts, textile-makers tell Education

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s textile companies grouped in ADITEX on Mon. stated its opposition to the tender under “urgency” called by the Education Ministry to buy polo shirts for students.

The business organization notes that the call for tenders doesn’t have fixed prices, and instead a range of prices for which the imported polos that can cost the Govt. as much as RD$18 more than a locally-made polo.

The entity said with a little effort and with correct communication Education can reach a fair price as agreed with the characteristics similar to those proposed by the authorities.

“With this difference in prices and slight adjustments in the technical specifications, today 100% of the polo shirts required by Education were being produced in the country, generating thousands of jobs in the country,” the textile companies said in a press release.

“The new tender specifies that the bidders only have 45 days to deliver the goods, something irrational for that amount of products.”

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