Economy January 16, 2020 | 5:11 pm

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Dominican digital economy won’t be taxed ‘for now’

Santo Domingo.- Internal Taxes director, Magín Díaz, said Thursday they’ve been studying how to tax the digital economy for several years, but assured that it won’t be any time soon.

“There are always two sides of a coin. For example: Airbnb benefits people, but hoteliers are desperate because it’s unfair competition, so the public policy maker must balance between not harming hoteliers, but also small consumers,” said the official on El Dia, Channel 11.

He added that the same is happening with Netflix, pointing out that it is an unfair competition for local operators such as Claro and Altice because they are taxed with ITBIS, selective taxes, among others. “So, we have to find a balance, it can’t be so little that they don’t pay anything.”

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