Economy January 22, 2020 | 9:59 am

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Biggest bank financed US$1.0B for tourism projects, could rise in 2020

Madrid.- Last year Banco Popular financed US$1.0 billion for tourism projects, which could be higher in 2020 depending on the business opportunities that arise.

The announcement was made by René Grullón, vice president for International Business; Luis Espínola, executive vice president of Business and Investment Business, and Juan Manuel Martín Oliva, vice president of Tourism Business of Banco Popular.

They said that Popular’s investments on tourism in recent years result from the country’s sustained climate of political, economic and social stability.

The assertion has been expressed by business leaders interested in investing in different projects to Popular’s executives who participate in the Tourism Fair that starts in Madrid Wed., with tour operators from around the world, including Dominican Republic.

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