Economy March 17, 2020 | 8:05 am

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Agro braces for dwindling tourism income

Santo Domingo.-  Dominican Republic’s income from tourism during 2019 will be difficult to repeat in 2020 due to the expansion of the outbreak of coronavirus, which has led to the suspension of flights from Europe, China, Korea and Iran.

Moreover Dominican authorities have prohibited the arrival of cruise ships to the country’s ports. The decline in tourism directly impacts sectors such as agriculture.

“The tourism sector sells between 15% and 20% of annual production. Right now we are producing approximately 20 million eggs per month, which means that poultry farmers place around 30 million eggs in the tourism sector and 20% to Haiti, that is about 40 million eggs,” said National Egg Producers Association (Asohuevos) president Manuel Escaño.

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