Economy April 17, 2020 | 10:14 am

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Big business agrees: priorities are health, food and safety for all

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s entrepreneurs are aware that the priority at this time is to ensure health, food and safety for all Dominicans. They stress however the need to strike a balance between flattening the coronavirus curve and the economic impact at different social levels.

“You have to think about small businesses, look for a formula so that taking care of human lives they can open in a phased manner: mechanics hops, beauty salons and other small businesses,” said National Business Council (Conep) president Pedro Brache.

He said a gradual and controlled opening, when conditions allow, must successfully follow criteria already applied in other countries, and considering the reality of the Dominican Republic.

“The companies have accepted the official provisions for social distancing, and we have mobilized resources in support of tests for the identification of COVID-19, protection to prevent its spread, medicines and critical care equipment.”

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