Economy August 21, 2020 | 7:07 am

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Dominican Customs Director meets with associated wine and spirits importers

SANTO DOMINGO: In an atmosphere of cordiality, the Director-General of Customs (DGA), Eduardo (Yayo) Sanz Lovatón, met and exchanged information this Wednesday with the wine and spirits import sector on the challenges it faces this sector.

According to a note sent to El Nuevo Diario, the meeting, held in the customs holder’s office, and at the meeting, Sanz Lovatón was accompanied by Mr. Johannes Kenler Deputy Director General of Customs, Eduardo Rodríguez, advisor to the management, and the Lic. Johanna Bonnelly, strategic advisor and other officials of her work team.

Manuel Cabral, Jose Antonio Alvarez, Giuseppe Bonarelli, Jose Montero, Jose Jiménez participated in the wine and spirits import sector, who offered all collaboration the Director of Customs, Sanz Lovaton and predicted success in his new functions.

The meeting was held in great harmony and with an exchange of views between the head of Customs and the businessmen representing the importing sector of alcoholic beverages.

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