Economy September 21, 2020 | 8:57 am

Industries propose projects with Pension Fund

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic Industries Association (AIRD) proposed that the new savings generated by the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) can be placed in projects of public-private alliances (PPP), corporate bonds, public offerings (IPO), “among other ways that would lead to the creation of employment and well-being for Dominicans.”

In a press release, the industries clarified that it is not a question of canceling the titles that already exist, but of “addressing regulatory issues that allow the funds of the AFPs and the liquidity they generate to flow towards investments that create dynamism in the economy, generate employment and a greater return to said funds that belong to the workers and that constitute a sacred capital for their retirement.”

The AIRD, which met last week with President Luis Abinader, indicated that current stock market regulations have hindered investments of this type, “which is why corporate fixed income issues are so scarce and IPOs are zero.”

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