Economy October 5, 2020 | 3:32 pm

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Dominican Republic already has its first electric bus

The Intrant carried out a test route with the first electric bus in the country operated by Evergo, InterEnergy Systems’ technology platform.


As part of the actions carried out in the country to promote modes of transport that take care of the environment and as a sign of openness for the integration of new technologies into public transport, the Evergo company, operated by InterEnergy Systems, presented the first electric bus imported for use in the Dominican Republic.

In this sense, a walking route was carried out from the Colonial Zone to the INTRANT facilities, with directors and collaborators of that institution and the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transport (DIGESETT), led by Rafael Arias and Ramon Antonio Guzmán Peralta.

According to Wellington Reyes, Inter Energy Systems Commercial and Innovation Director, the bus has a range of 300 kilometers and has a capacity of 44 seated passengers. Its primary purpose will be to make the transfer between hotel and airport, and vice versa, in Bávaro, La Altagracia Province, in the country’s eastern region, which constitutes a boost for sustainable tourism in that tourist area and a milestone for electric mobility in the country.

“InterEnergy Systems ventures with this pioneering vehicle in the country from its effort to promote alternative technologies to public transport,” said Wellington Reyes.

Similarly, Evergo was recently certified by the National Institute of Land Transit and Transportation (INTRANT), thanks to its contribution to the environment and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the more extensive and sophisticated network of electric charging stations. There are already 150 points installed throughout the national geography.

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