Economy March 4, 2021 | 7:46 am

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What we are experiencing with prices is chaos: homemaker

Santo Domingo.- “What we are experiencing with prices is chaos. You go now and buy a product at a price and then go the next day and they tell you – wait, it’s five more pesos, the product went up. But you see that it is the same product because they have not bought again,” said Ramona Tejada, a homemaker who sells “cow’s leg soup” every Sunday in the Villas Agrícolas sector.

She told Diario Libre that she used to buy a “cow leg” for RD$150 and now costs up to RD$350 and RD$400. In addition, she said the groceries are very expensive.

“And the food, if it’s eddoes that is very expensive and what is a little cheaper and has not changed is cassava, but then everything is through the roof.”

She added that cooking gas also rose (RD$128.10 per gallon). “One buys seven gallons and they pump five and be careful if less, it is a scam.”

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