Economy April 15, 2021 | 9:30 am

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Bountiful rice harvest buoys Abinader

Angelina, Dominican Republic.- President Luis Abinader yesterday led the start of the 2021 rice harvest in this community, where he stressed that it’s expected to reach 7.6 million quintals by year end.

He said for this year’s autumn harvest is expected to exceed by more than 700,000 quintals the harvest of the same period last year, which reached 5.2 million quintals, to reach the 5.9 quintals collected in 2021.

Abinader stressed that this year the country has achieved 20% more grain yield per 1,000 meters, compared to the previous period of agricultural production.

“We currently have 1.3 million jobs planted throughout the national territory, and 5.5 quintals compared to 4.5 quintals last year, which represents a true exponential leap compared to the data of the previous year.”

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