Economy April 28, 2021 | 2:04 pm

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Dominican economy grew 10.6% in March, according to the Central Bank

Preliminary results of the Dominican economy show that it grew 10.6% during March, the Central Bank’s governor reported today.

Héctor Valdez Albizu explained that according to the BCRD forecasting system, real GDP growth is projected for the year 2021, points to a range between 5.5% – 6.0%.

“As of April 26, 2021, the bank has disbursed RD $ 191,876.7 million through different liquidity facilities and repos through financial intermediaries, reaching nearly 90 thousand loans granted,” Valdez Albizu reported.

In addition, he said that as a result of the monetary easing measures, private loans in national currency grew 9.5% year-on-year at the end of March 2021, well above the average for the countries of the Latin American region.

Also, it specified that total exports of goods to March 2021 showed a growth of 7.5%, which meant an increase of US $ 203.1 million. “Particularly, the 12.1% increase in exports from free zones stands out.”

“Remittances maintain their dynamism, reaching the remarkable figure of US $ 994.9 million in the month of March for a year-on-year growth of 91.3%,” the governor pointed out.

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