Economy June 8, 2021 | 8:24 am

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Dominican power grids need investments now

Santo Domingo.- The Association of Electrical Materials Suppliers (Asume) on Mon. said that a component that would significantly reduce losses in the electrical system would be to reactivate investment in projects for the rehabilitation and expansion of distribution networks.

Asume indicated that the budget assigned by the electricity distributors for the maintenance and expansion of the network infrastructure was paralyzed during 2020 and what elapses in 2021, causing a deterioration that translates into system losses.

“At Asume, we recognize the challenge posed to the authorities by the deficit situation in which the electricity distribution companies (EDE) have received and, therefore, the reactivation of investment in infrastructure in the electricity segment should be a high priority for the government, specifically in the renewal and expansion of the distribution and loss control systems,” Douglas Hasbún, president of the entity told local media.

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