Economy March 2, 2022 | 7:36 am

Russia-Ukraine clash stuns Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The greatest challenge facing the Dominican Republic in economic terms is to overcome the situation caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which would have a major impact on the prices of products, tourism and trade.

The former director of Internal Taxes, Magín Díaz, said yesterday that the confrontation between the two nationals creates uncertainty in the international prices of fuels and agricultural inputs.

“That is the biggest source of uncertainty this year for the whole world,” said Diaz.

“It has impacted the prices of oil, natural gas, coal, that is, that has an impact on fuel prices, in the electricity sector, in trade,” added Díaz.

“We imported from Ukraine more than 300 million dollars of iron and steel – imported last year – and 15 percent of tourism comes from Russia and Ukraine, at least last month.”

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