Economy June 18, 2024 | 4:10 pm

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Deputies approve bill creating emergency mitigation corps

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Chamber of Deputies has approved in first reading a bill creating the Specialized Emergency and Disaster Mitigation Corps (Cemed), a new entity that will develop non-war military operations to mitigate and respond to emergencies and disasters.

Cemed, which will be under the control of the Ministry of Defense, will be composed of members from the Army, Navy, and Air Force of the Dominican Republic. The Corps will be led by a general, rear admiral, colonel, or ship captain from one of the three military institutions, designated by the President of the Republic.

The bill aims to support national authorities in providing aid to institutions responsible for mitigation tasks. This new entity is expected to improve the country’s emergency response capabilities.

The Chamber of Deputies also unanimously approved in first reading a bill creating a regime of disqualifications for individuals who have committed sexual infractions. The initiative, authored by Congresswoman Lourdes Aybar, aims to prevent individuals who have committed sexual offenses from exercising professions related to education, guidance, care, and instruction of minors and people with special conditions.

The Registry of Disqualifications for Sexual Crimes (RIDS) will be created to track individuals who are disqualified from working in these areas. This new regime aims to protect vulnerable populations and ensure their safety.


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Paul Tierney
June 18, 2024 7:13 pm

What’s wrong with the present systems?

Cemed, with a budget of its own that will tempt questionable persons to dip into without fear of getting hands caught in the cookie jar.?