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Non-alcoholic beverage industry in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- ASIBENAS, the Association of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industries of the Dominican Republic, emphasized the significant impact of its sector on the country’s economy. The industry supports over 60,000 jobs directly, indirectly, and through induced effects, contributing more than 15,000 million pesos to the national treasury.

Nicolle Valerio Issa, Executive Director of ASIBENAS, highlighted that the sector adds 55,000 million pesos in value, equivalent to 0.96% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). She outlined three core priorities for the industry: promoting consumer well-being, environmental conservation, and sustained economic contribution.

Speaking at the “Seminar on Safety and Regulation in the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sector” aimed at health and economics journalists, Valerio Issa noted that 90% of the sector’s products are distributed through retailers and supermarkets, with the remaining 10% in the hotel sector. She emphasized ongoing collaborations with these stakeholders to enhance sector dynamics nationwide.

The seminar, held to enhance transparency and sector knowledge, underscores collaborative efforts within the national industry to position the Dominican Republic as a regional leader. Santiago López Jaramillo, Director of the International Council of Beverage Associations for Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighted the sector’s broader regional impact, generating 4.6 million jobs.

During the event, López Jaramillo noted that 60% of regional grocery stores are operated by women, providing substantial employment opportunities, particularly for those over 42 years old.

The seminar, hosted at the Business Tower of the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD), featured discussions on ingredient safety, sector innovations, and environmental initiatives. López Jaramillo emphasized the importance of aligning industry practices with consumer needs and global sustainability goals.

The event served as a crucial platform for journalists to delve into safety regulations, industry trends, and challenges in the non-alcoholic beverage sector. López Jaramillo concluded by stressing the industry’s commitment to meeting consumer expectations while positively impacting society and the environment.

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