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Investment funds: catalysts for sustainable development in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Association of Investment Fund Management Companies (Adosafi) emphasized the crucial role of investment funds in the Dominican Republic’s social and economic development at the UN’s Forum for Sustainability. Luis Madera, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPYD), called for the Government’s Campaign Program to include employees and investors, ensuring broader societal benefits from these funds.

Investment funds facilitate financial inclusion by allowing millions of Dominicans to participate in the country’s economic growth, with investment opportunities starting at RD$10,000. Santiago Sicard, CEO of Adosafi, highlighted their role in generating over 30,000 jobs and developing infrastructure such as roads, parks, and libraries. These initiatives also secure future pensions for many Dominicans.

Supporting the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, investment funds in the Dominican Republic have invested over USD$1,600 million in 93 projects across 24 funds. Notably, in the energy sector, these funds have diversified energy sources and reduced carbon emissions significantly. Additionally, investment funds boost the tourism and real estate sectors, promoting community development, labor inclusion, and sustainable construction standards.

Santiago Sicard reiterated that investment funds create profitability and wealth for Dominicans while contributing to social and environmental development. Their transformative power in promoting and democratizing development and sustainability has increased interest among individuals, businesses, and government officials in these financial instruments. In summary, investment funds are catalysts for sustainable development, driving economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion in the Dominican Republic.

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