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Dominican government extends social distancing for 15 days-plus

Facade of the National Palace Hoy/Archive. 08-10-2007

The Executive Branch extended the curfew for another 15 days from five in the afternoon until six in the morning. The measure, adopted with the aim of stopping the spread of covid-19, is contained in decree 142-40, issued yesterday.
All the social distancing measures adopted last March 17 are also extended. In addition, the additional provisions of the High-Level Commission for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus.

President Danilo Medina urged citizens to observe the measures of social distancing and limit home exits to strictly necessary procedures.

The provision seeks to reverse the contagion trend and bring the country back to normal in the shortest possible time.
In recent days, the Dominican Government has adopted a series of measures aimed at preventing the spread of covid-19, a disease that attacks the respiratory tract, which is highly contagious and can be fatal if the necessary preventive measures are not taken.

Among these measures are social distancing, which forces the population to remain in their homes and the temporary closure of companies, only allowing those offering priority services to open their doors, such as supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, retail stations, fuels, and some from the agricultural sector.

The president ordered the massive delivery of aid to low-income people and schoolchildren, with the expansion of bonds; financial support to MSMEs and their employees; tax facilities and the payment of incentives of RD $ 10,000 and RD $ 5,000 to employees in the health and safety sector, who provide services in healthcare centers and security agencies.

Medina also appointed a high-level commission to follow up on the processes and actions that are carried out throughout the national territory to curb the evil that has generated more than 54,000 deaths in the world and over 1,030,000  infected, mainly in the United States, Spain, Italy, and China.*

In addition, the commission appointed a Committee made up of seven experts in various areas, especially in health, emergencies, and disasters, coordinated by the Minister of Health and an expert in emergency medicine.


* According to Johns Hopkins University.

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