Local June 10, 2014 | 9:16 am

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Obesity affects more than 73,000 Dominican children; policies needed

Santo Domingo.- More than 73,000 children in the Dominican Republic have problems of obesity, while one of every five die before reaching 65, as a result of non- chronic communicable diseases, with obesity one of the most important risk factors to develop them.

The revelation was made Monday by Manuel Ramírez, coordinator of the Chronic Non-communicable Diseases Control and Prevention Center (Incap), related to

the Central America and Panama Nutrition Institute (CIIPEC), who participates in a meeting in the country, where experts from several countries discuss a regional prevention strategy.

He regrets that many of these children already have arterial problems before reaching starting – schools.

He said 65 percent of Dominican men and 72 percent of women die from noncommunicable diseases such ascardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and breathing problems.

Ramirez said obesity is linked to genetics, but mostly to environmental problems, especially what people eat, and lack of exercise. He cautioned that foods are very high in sugars and salt.

When the expert asked who’s to blame for obesity in children, he said everyone from governments to health ministries for failed policies, but also private companies that sell and promote products unhealthy, or even the media. “They all have the same levels of guilt.”

The strategy that emerges from the discussions will be presented to the Ministers of health of the countries. He said they includes preventive measures as well as the regulation of advertising.

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