Local October 4, 2016 | 12:03 pm

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Corruption reigns Dominican ruling party, leaders admit

Santo Domingo. – Rulingparty (PLD) general secretary Reinaldo Pared on Monday said money "hascorrupted certain PLD members" whom he didn’t identify, but said the organizationas an institution hasn’t been "perverted."

"What we havebeen is irresponsible for not supporting the indictments of those PLD members accusedof corrupt," the also senator said in several tweets.

"Of course moneyhas corrupted certain PLD members, but not as partisan institution."

Another senior leader

Meanwhile the alsosenior PLD leader Temistocles Montas said "personalism" and lack ofdiscipline have metastasized in the PLD, "where money has corruptedeverything.

"While it’s truethat during the tenures of the PLD society has made significant changes, it’salso true that embarrassing facts have occurred of which we should be ashamed,"Montas said during a recent lecture at PLD headquarters.

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