Local November 11, 2016 | 7:44 am

No pay for officials who scoff at financial statement

Santo Domingo.- The National Treasury illretain the salary as a penalty to government officials who haven’t filed theirfinancial statement, according to reports quoted on Thursday by newspaperListin.

As of November 4, 4,727 officials, and peoplewho were terminated are considered scofflaws by the State for failing to file theirstatement to the Accounts Chamber, with only 244 having done so in a timelymanner.

The officials must file their statements within30 days from the time they assume their posts, and also when they cease those functions.

The Justice Ministry requested from the AccountsChamber the list of officials who are required to file their statement,specifying those which have yet to submit it.

"The public officials required to filemust submit, within thirty days after taking office, the financial statement thatconstitutes their property and that of the conjugal community," states Law311-14.

Historically the Accounts Chamber has foundit difficult to obtain the statements from officials, who in some cases allegeignorance about the legislation.

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